Applying AI & Machine learning in Digital Publishing

March 25, 2021; 14:00 – 18:00 EET

Online, Zoom platform

This course will cover techniques and approaches to solving problems in digital publishing using machine learning. The workshop will be lead by experts in the field – Ana Jakimovska, Chief Product Officer at Culture Trip, previously Head of Product Development at Guardian, and Dmitry Shishkin, independent digital advisor, former BBC World Service & Culture trip.

Ana Jakimovska - Chief Product Officer at Culture Trip, previously Head of Product Development at Guardian

Ana is Chief Product Officer at Culture Trip, which she joined after working at The Guardian as the Director of Product Development. After completing her PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Surrey (2010), she went on to work in digital development for a number of organisations including Sky News, BBC Worldwide, Channel 4, ITV and Which?.

She directs her professional focus on digital experience at all platforms and unlocking new ways for finding new digital users, retention of the existing ones and protection of the ecosystem for news, which is in crisis because of the disruption caused by the internet and the social media


Dmitry Shishkin - independent digital advisor, former BBC World Service & Culture trip

Dmitry Shishkin is an award-winning and experienced leader in digital transformation, content strategy, organisation and culture change in a global setting. He spent 20+ years at BBC World Service helping it to grow its digital audiences to record levels before joining a travel startup Culture Trip where he worked as Chief content officer leading a decentralised network of content creators, finding scalable ways to commission and produce content including automation and machine learning. He currently works as an independent digital consultant.

  • The importance of taxonomy and structured content data as well ways to define the taxonomy as prerequisite for machine learning;
  • User needs-based commissioning and how data insights, AI and machine learning could help newsrooms look into the future;

  • Content by user needs and the methodology to define something called content products that merges both (content and user needs);
  • Process for defining AI assisted commissioning and maintenance including content tagging;

  • Other uses of AI in media (with special guest Mattia Perreti- leader of Journalism AI collaboration group run by LSE and funded by Google).

Growth-oriented communication and marketing professionals, media managers, executives, chief editors, news media founders and publishers aiming for sustainability of their outlets and innovative approach to their professional careers.

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