Future Media Management
4-week programme

Who should apply?

Editors, founders, directors, executives or managers of independent news outlets who want to develop sustainable business models for their enterprises as well as journalists, media, communications & marketing professionals with entrepreneurial mindset wishing to implement change in their organisations are welcome to apply for the course.

What skills will I get from this programme?

We know very well that most independent news entrepreneurs come from a journalism background. They often have limited knowledge of how to lead a business, and this knowledge is essential in news as in other industries. This course is designed to provide you with essential skills that are taught in MBA programmes worldwide. It will enable you to understand your business in depth, and to enter into more effective dialogue with full-time business professionals who can help your enterprise last and grow.

Is the focus only on news businesses?

No. We believe that journalists and publishers, like managers in other industries, can benefit greatly from studying practices in fields that are very different from journalism in content. In other words, business is business, and our first goal is to enable participants to practice a “business state of mind.” Our case studies and other materials reflect this principle. Media businesses will be a significant but not exclusive part of the curriculum.

Are participants required to attend all the programme sessions?

Yes. To achieve best results and get most value, all participants must be present at all the planned sessions. Participants are also expected to complete substantial take-home assignments in the time between programme modules.

Where will the programme take place?

It will take place in Riga, Latvia, a beautiful city of nearly 700,000 inhabitants. All sessions will be held at the Stockholm School of Economics in a beautiful Art Nouveau building in Riga on Strēlnieku Street 4a.

Who will teach the sessions?

Lecturers will come from the business and economics faculty of SSE Riga, with other practitioners and scholars from the UK, EU, the USA and the Balkans.

Other than the skills I will gain, what else will the programme provide?

All participants will receive a diploma and will participate in building a lasting network of international and regional journalists, editors, and researchers – one that connects to and builds on the growing network based at the Media Studies Centre of SSE Riga. Participants may be invited to future programmes with the possibility of getting part of the costs covered by a scholarship.

Who funds scholarships for this programme?

Selected participants will be generously funded through a grant from the Swedish Institute.

Has this programme taken place in previous years?

Yes. This is the fourth time that the programme is being offered. It remains unique, to our knowledge. The first programme had visible and lasting impact on the participants. We count on future participants to help make it a lasting success.