Future Media Management

Module 1: Strategy, June 8 - 9 & September 2 - 4, 2020

Jun 8Introduction to Strategy
Jun 9 Applying game theory in media
Sep 2Project Management
Sep 3Networking Strategy
Sep 4Business Canvas

Module 2: Marketing, October 12 - 14 & Oct 26-27, 2020

Oct 12Marketing: Why it’s essential
Oct 13Marketing: Identifying and targeting your audience
Oct 14Attracting Capital
Oct 26Social Media Marketing Strategic approach and Public speaking
Oct 27Marketing and Ethics

Module 3: Accounting, dates TBC, 2021

TBCGeneral Principles
TBCKey Performance Indicators
TBCRevenue Streams and Pricing
TBCBusiness Canvas

Module 4: Leadership, dates TBC, 2021

TBCLeadership: Leading high performing teams
TBCLeadership: Driving organisational change
TBCInnovation & Strategy for Artificial Intelligence
TBCAdjusting Pitch, Investor Day (Pitch making)
TBCInvestor Day (Pitch making)