The Greste Baltic Freedom of Speech Award was launched in 2017 with the aim to reward organisations and individuals for their substantial contribution towards defending and enhancing freedom of speech in the Baltic States.
The chairman of the jury is Peter Greste, an Australian journalist who, while working for Al Jazeera, was accused of supporting a terrorist organization and spent 400 days in a Cairo prison. Professor Greste has Latvian roots and actively supports freedom of speech in the region.

Organised by Latvian Journalists’ Association in cooperation with SSE Riga Centre for Media Studies award emphasises the best performance of journalists in a year’s perspective. Traditionally best news materials and reportages, feature articles, interviews, usage of new formats and journalistic projects with high importance for society are awarded. SSE Riga Centre for Media Studies has three special awards for the editor of a year, the best young journalist and the best performance in minority language.

Investigative Journalism Summer School is an annual three day event which has become a meeting place for professionals looking to upscale their skills, be inspired and refreshed. Over the course of three days, industry leaders share their trade secrets, the newest tools that make investigations and international cooperation much more effective and powerful.

Reinventing Media Business Forum

International Ander forum is an annual two-day event in the heart of Riga where media business professionals meet to share their knowledge and experience on the latest trends of the media industry as well as the most innovative business models for a sustainable future of the media industry.

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