Person of Interest by SSE Riga Podcast

Podcast “Person of Interest” is produced by SSE Riga. Journalist Mike Collier talks to guests, who are experts in a particular field, from CEOs and artists to media strategists and leading researchers from around the globe. Listen to the podcast “Person of Interest” also on Spotify & iTunes. 

Every guest has a story to tell, the listeners get a glimpse into their lives and learn insights about their respective fields, be it economics, banking, media, the arts and others.

Anna Andersone: How hugging could save us

In the current situation, questions about physical contact and health have taken on a new importance. In this podcast with Anna Andersone we look beyond the coronavirus to the fundamental role physical contact between human beings plays in our mental and bodily health, and how a simple hug can have a range of benefits.

Drew Sullivan: How to break the world's biggest corruption stories

What motivates investigative reporters to risk their lives for the sake of a story? How do they cope with extreme stress and death threats? And what form is large-scale corruption likely to take in the future? In this podcast Drew Sullivan, director of the OCCRP, lets us discover the journalistic work behind exposing some of the world’s biggest corruption cases.

Reinis Rubenis: Banking in the Baltics and Scandinavia

Journalist Mike Collier interviews CEO of Swedbank Latvia and alumni of SSE Riga, Reinis Rubenis. They dive into the Baltic – Scandinavian banking sector and the challenges we are facing ahead.

Jeffrey Sommers: The changing shape of the US economy and society

Professor Jeffrey Sommers has studied the US economy and society for decades. In this interview he explains how 50 years of change have led to recent unrest and current problems in the US, both economically and politically. Has ‘neoliberalism’ failed?

Andris K. Berzins: Insights into the Baltic startup scene

Businessman, investor and startup advocate Andris K. Berzins talks to us about his remarkable international upbringing and his almost 30 years of business experience. He tells us why the Baltic startup scene is more than hype, how the modern investor and company founder differs from those of the past and reveals a couple of very useful tips on how to pitch your idea more effectively.