Future Media Management
4-week programme

Module 1: October 17-21, 2022

StrategyFoundational considerations for media sustainability: what are the key inputs and models for considering a successful strategy (Porter’s Five Forces, Value Chain Models, Blue vs Red Ocean, Market Sizing Analysis). Case studies from a range of relevant media contexts of successful and unsuccessful sustainability initiatives with group analysis of lessons. An overview and deep analysis of the subscription economy.
SimulationMedia sustainability crisis scenario, real-time strategy decision making under pressure and lack of information.
Business CanvasUsing Business Canvas to ideate and articulate a new product or revenue stream for media.

Module 2: December 5-9, 2022

MarketingCovers the often-misunderstood field of Marketing – how to successfully take media products to market, conversion funnels, and how to map the costs of different marketing technologies for reader revenue initiatives.
TechnologiesNewsroom technology trends, identifying opportunities and risks around emergent technologies, addressing the challenges of incorporating new technologies in newsrooms, and how to position effectively to be responsive to future technology developments (VR/AR, 6G, etc.)
Public SpeakingThe theories and practicalities of successful presentations and public speaking – covering the basics of rhetoric, the psychology of audiences and the seven basic story plots.

Module 3: February 13-17, 2023

FinanceFinancial accounting, managerial accounting, how to read and understand financial statements, and how to design budgets and financial forecasts.
LeadershipThe core features of successful leadership, situational leadership, and leading cross-cultural teams. Building and motivating high performing teams. Understanding team development phases and team roles. Team dysfunctions to eliminate and characteristics to develop. Self-leadership, finding time and energy.

Module 4: April 24-28, 2023

Workplace well-being
Project PresentationsParticipants are working on an individual project over the course of the programme. Presentation to a panel of experts, funders and investors is happening at the conclusion of the programme. This individual project may be the strategic and business case for a new product or revenue stream for an existing media publisher or a proposal for the establishment of a new media initiative, and is intended as a way for participants to apply concepts, tools and analysis from the classroom in their own real-world context.